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On 23 March, the evening the lockdown was announced, I was on my bike, cycling through an already deserted London, astonished to experience the city like I had never seen it in the 20 years I have been living here.

A few days later, I decided that taking the camera on my nightly cycling excursions – my chosen form of daily exercise – was a safe way to document different parts of the city without endangering myself or others.

Like many others I felt compelled to document the lack of crowds in usually crowded locations. But looking at the set of images I have made over the last weeks, I feel this project has taken on a life of its own. Maybe these photos are less about the lack of human presence and rather about the stillness of a city being allowed a breather to reveal a beauty that often goes unnoticed.


Jan Enkelmann is a London-based documentary and travel photographer, dividing his time between commercial commissions and personal projects.

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